The Company

Stena Oil and the bunker business

Founded in 1980, Stena Oil has grown to become the leading physical supplier of Marine fuels in the Scandinavian and North Sea waters. Being a first class bunker supplier with focus on customer satisfaction, safety, flexibility and performance is the first part of our core business.

International Trading

With two physical marine fuel supply areas world wide the team at Stena Oil have grown their know-how and expertise within the bunker industry tremendously over the years. The accumulated experience is a great base in the world wide marine fuel purchasing process aiding other Stena Business Group companies. The purchasing arm is the second part of our core business.

The Stena ferry lines in Gothenburg was the first bunker customer for the company and still today, the demand from Stena Line stands for one tenth of the total volume supplied annually. The physical supply to Stena Line and other Stena companies, world wide, is the third part of the core business.

Focus on safety and environment – Green Bunkering

Stena Oil became involved in the process of creating a vetting procedure and bunker license called “Green Bunkering” to be used in and around the port of Gothenburg when performing bunkering operations. The work was carried out in collaboration between the Swedish coastguard, the local Port authorities and Fire Department, the Public Cleansing department, the Swedish Rescue service agency, the County Administration and fore most the local bunker suppliers and tanker owners active in the bunker trade as priority was put on environment and safety by the port authority in 1999.

The Green Bunkering vetting program covers both the crew and the bunker equipment used for bunker operations. And since the procedure entered into force there have been no serious oil spill by a “Green Card” holder.

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